The Church of Mojo Nixon

from by Lada Terra


Spent my summer driving hungry and going through a world of change
The winter, the summer, the fall and the spring
The last before I come of age.

But it's a commitment that we locked in without knowing what we walked into
Why did I waste my time?

You call me a saint when I don't believe in no god
I know you were my best friend, I know you won't be staying long

But if it's closure that you're seeking, look to the sky don't live life sleeping
Break the walls down around your head.

If I'm staying, I won't be staying long
And If I'm going, I can get gone.
Now when I'm sleeping, there's serotonin in my brain
And all I know is pain.
I know his pain
The winter, the summer, the fall and the spring
All I know is pain.


from The Idea of North, released March 22, 2017



all rights reserved


Lada Terra Wilmington, Delaware

Nate Nickerson // Wilmington, Delaware

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