The Idea of North

by Lada Terra

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released March 22, 2017

Recorded in March 2017 at the University of Rochester by Liz Shaher, Evan Lo, Mike Pinto, and Tom Culeton
Mastered by Evan Lo

Album photography by Joe Nickerson

Nathan Nickerson is Lada Terra



all rights reserved


Lada Terra Wilmington, Delaware

Nate Nickerson // Wilmington, Delaware

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Track Name: The Church of Mojo Nixon
Spent my summer driving hungry and going through a world of change
The winter, the summer, the fall and the spring
The last before I come of age.

But it's a commitment that we locked in without knowing what we walked into
Why did I waste my time?

You call me a saint when I don't believe in no god
I know you were my best friend, I know you won't be staying long

But if it's closure that you're seeking, look to the sky don't live life sleeping
Break the walls down around your head.

If I'm staying, I won't be staying long
And If I'm going, I can get gone.
Now when I'm sleeping, there's serotonin in my brain
And all I know is pain.
I know his pain
The winter, the summer, the fall and the spring
All I know is pain.
Track Name: Kind of a Bummer: A Retrospective
Pushing myself into deep uncharted backwoods
Backward territorial expansion never came to me naturally
Except exploring southwards all my emotions
And oh my god what does it mean to be?

Now I'm buying bigger clothes in the hope I'll be a bigger man
It's motivation if I've got nothing else to wear.

But instead I just keep losing my hair
It feels like this life's going nowhere.

Stayed up late enough to see the sun
Thinking I'm no good for anyone around me
If you've met me, I'm sorry
I'm not happy with who I am and I just want to be

At peace, find a home
But it feels like this life's just asking me to go.
Track Name: Unless it's Lana, I don't care
Let's go and descend to new lows outside of your house in the dead of the winter
I know you had too much to drink last night while I was watching constellations and doing nothing.

Let go, just know there's more to life than that

So stay home, and forget the rest of everyone and everything
The paint on these walls isn't getting any drier
I've had enough of this stentorian noise

You're paralyzed, I'm asking why
But I don't know.

So stay home and forget why you wanted to leave in the first place
Track Name: Wildflowers, Pt. I
Turn your head to the moon, a better place to stand by
Than being held back by your own self-righteousness.
I've been dying to leave since I first walked in this place
Say you're getting by but drugs don't keep you high.

The nitrogen in my veins won't match the antifreeze in yours
I'll be outdone by streams of consciousness.
And when you go on a walk, and your world starts to rain
Do you respond in catatonic-ness?

Or do you fucking break?

When I took my hat off in a canoe without a paddle
The world became too bright for me to see
My whole feeling of helplessness is inspired by what I can't do
And it starts by saying everything with a B.