Acoustic demos

by Lada Terra

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This is a set of acoustic songs I recorded over the past few months. More songs coming soon.


released May 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Lada Terra Wilmington, Delaware

Nate Nickerson // Wilmington, Delaware

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Track Name: Bedroom window
With the shreds that are left over
You couldn't keep it together
I'm sorry for Sunday
And for letting myself go.

The memories will soon stop
But I am still filled with regret
Just like a bad headache
That won't go away.

It's 5 A.M. and I've been up all night thinking
Abvout Christmas trees and what the future holds.
And I can barely hear the radio over the sound of my headache
There's a tree down on the road and it's blocking the way.

I'm sick of everything and I've got nothing to show for it
I've spent more time on the ground than I have on my feet.

I'm tired of getting left behind and I can't do a thing about it
And I know that when I leave I won't be back.
Track Name: Why can't I be as fast as you
It's 3:45 A.M. on a Tuesday morning
And I am sitting on my bed with a forgotten Star Wars comic book beside me.
I spent all of last night replaying our conversations in my head
And we talked until the sun came up about our vices and our favorite movies.
You told me you didn't know why I liked you and I said someone has to since you surely don't.
But at the end of the night I came to the realization that it's just me and my insecurities staring back at me.

Wait here while I destroy it
Relive it over again
Is it okay because I'm dying
Is it okay am I alright?
I'm stuck with the curse
That they call indecision
And I know that I'm falling
But I don't know which way.

Don't trust me with this shit
Don't give me responsibility
Don't give me any trust
I'll just throw it all away
I need to get out
I need to see the world
I need to leave this town
Because I'm not wanted anymore.
Track Name: Family portrait
Look out, but don't waste your time
You're running out of energy, you've got to move slowly
You turn away.

From the pale blue dot
A humble beginning
You were locked out of heaven
From the minute you left home
With no human contact
Maintaining radio silence
You're told you're unimportant
But someone's still watching
With eyes up to outer space
To catch a glimpse
Of the great beyond.

Do you love the color of the sky wen it rains in the ocean?
Do you love the color of the sky?

We live on a god-forsaken rock at the edge of the galaxy
We may be all alone out there, but we don't let that get us down
I there anybody else out there we'll just wait and see
File a report with the agency
Classify them A to Z in descending relevancy
But we still haven't explored the sea

You spread yourelf too thin, like the ever-present metaphor of all the paramedics who smoke a pack a day because they are too busy saving the lives of other people to care about saving their own.
And if you ever decide that you want to grow old, I hope you'll take a look back on all of the good you did when you were young and realize that, hey, you were a pretty stellar person living in god-awful circumstances.
And sometimes it's okay to do the talking, because just sitting there and looking pretty isn't everything.
And now it's morning, and you'll just have to wake up and face reality, just like every other day.
Track Name: Eagle!
I can't do this all on my own
I can't do this all on my own
My negativity, it's got the best of me
I can't do this all on my own
I'm no superman

One of my friends just got arrested
And another one she just dropped out
I try so hard to stay on top of things
But it feels like I've just bottomed out

I lost myself again last April
It was a Sunday afternoon
I realized that the world was empty
It was a sunny afternoon

The kind of tired that sleep won't fix
I've got a pounding in my head
I think I'm gone I'm about to be sick
In the backseat of your car

I jumped off a high-rise
I jumped off a high-rise in my dreams

I went for a bike ride
I went for a bike ride shouting your name

I can't do this all on my own
I can't do this all on my own
My negativity It's got the best of me
I can't do this all on my own.
Track Name: I'm probably as fast as you by now
You told me yesterday that you never cried
But when you called me late last night
I could tell your eyes were red by the sound of your voice
You don't have a choice
But to stay on.

Don't take the easy way out
Living life without regrets is a skill you'll soon forget
Don't take the easy way out

You keep them two steps behind you and one step below you
So you're always looking down on them
Man, that's a self-fulfilling prophecy
It don't solve anything

Don't take the easy way out

And I'm sorry for talking too much.